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2014 ADS Pleasure Driving Rule Change Proposals

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 Note: These are *proposals* only! They should be understood as 'works in progress' currently under consideration by the ADS Pleasure Driving Committee for the 2014 ADS Rulebook. It is likely that not all of them will make it through the process in their present form to the final list published Aug. 1, 2013 for the final 30 day ADS member comment period.

Concentration of ADS Members May 2013

This 'heat map' graphically shows the distribution of ADS members in the United States (although you can scroll left and right and see that there are ADS members in other countries around the world.) You can compare this map with a similar one for 2009.

2011 ADS Pleasure Show Divisions

This spreadsheet lists the American Driving Society recognized Pleasure Driving Shows for 2011 and indicates the Junior, Maiden, Novice and Limit divisions offered.